The Bangalore Cafe

The Bangalore Cafe is a very nice name and this place really looks good located in the middle of Cunningham road and Infantry road, in front of "The New Indian Express". I used to see this place but today I decided to go inside and try some of there dishes but soon I realized that I have made a wrong decision. Let me tell you about the review later but its a very good place to hangout and gang-out and as its in the center of the city its a nice place.

Points to Remember:

1. Bangalore Cafe is technically not a cafe, so remember that
2. They have both veg and non-veg
3. They serve mixed Continental too.


So where can i start well, let me start with saying "BAD FOOD". Oh yeah, this Bangalore Cafe should have a tagline "Not For Humans". This is the only place in the world I have spent more money and eaten more just to find out the right dish but what so ever all the dishes were bad. I ordered Prawn which had a weird smell, next I ordered Biriyani and it tasted little good and then ordered chicken gravy, chilli chicken and kashmir kofta and everything tasted bad. I spent a lot for that shit and I am really feeling bad about. I think this is the only restaurant where i have spent a lot to have a awful food. Foodies please Never ever in your life go there, The food tastes bad and the meat they give is old.


Kabab Manor

Although this restaurant is in front of my office, I never taught even once to visit this place because many of my colleagues told me that the food was bad. However when hunger hits a foodie he can eat anything anywhere. The place is in a major place and in the main street and although it’s in a prime location I have never seen crowd in the afternoon however the place completely filled up in the evening. Therefore I visited them in the afternoon to have a good delicious meal but after eating I realized why people don't come here in the afternoon. In this review I am going to tell you about this quite cute setup with a big word manor in its name.

Points to Remember:

1. It looks like a street fast food restaurant well! You are half right about that. You do have a space to sit so settle off easy
2. Kebab & Shawarma is very famous here, so diet fans please stay out
3. Price is on the lower side but quality looks promising


As I told you in the introduction, this place is not crowded in the afternoon and the reason is its food. The Kabab Manor is not that great for its proper lunch food like I ordered Biryani combo and Frankly I didn't like the Biryani because it lacked all kinds of flavors. The image which i have showed here is the Biryani combo deal which is quite cheap but the only thing i liked on my plate was the kebab, well! Kabab Manor is a perfect name for this place I think. In the afternoon, they do have a few dishes and in the evening the list of dishes increase however tasting most of them I can tell that this place is best for its Kabab and mostly nothing else. However they make Shawarma in the evening and it’s tasty like hell. The shawarma of Kabab Manor is the ticker and I think every foodie should try this amazing shawarma and of course Kebab


No.17, 80 Feet Main Road,
HMT Layout, R T Nagar,
Next to Sri Srinivasa Medicare,
Bangalore - 560032
Ph: +(91)-80-66036421

Jumboking Vadapav

Jumboking is basically a Mumbai based fast food eat out mainly known for its delicious indian burger or vadapav which claims to be Indians first and the largest but I haven't the slightest idea. Jumbo King is a new, or may be modified idea of road side vadapav but frankly i would prefer eating at these joints than any other vadapav shop around because Jumboking vadapav looks hygienic and it has lot of flavors too.

Bierre Republic

I actually reviewed this restaurant in the first week of September but due to lot of work I couldn't take time to write about Bierre Republic. Let me tell you frankly, Bierre Republic is an amazing place to hang out with friends but unfortunately I went alone and was little bored. Bierre Republic consists of a fine dine Restaurant, a Bar and Brewery well set up for a good time. This Restaurant is very unique and well set up with friendly staffs. Bierre Republic is a good hangout party place suitable for both couples and large list of friends. 

Points to Remember:

1. This place is classic and people who don't dress well will be charged
2. Walk around, there are lot more things to see
3. food price is as average as any other pub, so just chill
4. Its on the 2nd floor, so be careful drinkers.


Well, Bierre Republic is kickass in its look and well as in its taste. I ordered one starter and one main course and let me tell you, both tasted good. The first dish i tried is "Tender Chicken" and frankly I loved the uniqueness however tender chicken was not really tender because it was little hard when I chewed but the taste was very good and I'm sure any beer lover will love this yummy spicy chicken. The main course consists of rice and boneless chicken gravy and again my reaction was "wow" Totally I would give thumbs up to this restaurant and I would love to have a blast in the future. The food quality and the ambiance was good and trust me, your foodie time will be a kickass here. I also met the manager and he was a funny guy who told lot things about the restaurant and also his pet name "Tender Chicken Guy". So finally, A great place to handout and foodie, please go check this place out. you will love it.

Bierre Republic
2nd Floor, Pavilion mall, 62/63,
Church Street,Ashok Nagar,
Bangalore, India

Red Dragon Restaurant

Its foodie month and we started hitting lot of restaurants the Bangalore. The first entry was to a corner and infamous Restaurant in RT Nagar called The Red Dragon Restaurant. Sounds really interesting when you say that name in a very hard voice but the place is not that interesting. Its a house cum Restaurant run by few lost north east guys and its little uncomfortable to enter because when I entered, I didn't even see a single guy standing outside nor inside. The place has maximum 4 tables in a room and while entering you will spot few uncomfortable things like bed, chicken in coke fridge and etc.

Points to Remember:
  1. If you are looking for a clean and a classy place to eat, don't go here
  2. Its a fake Chinese restaurant. 
  3. It looks like a house

Red Dragon Restaurant is a fake Chinese restaurant, the reason I tell fake is because the food looks Chinese but doesn't taste shit like Chinese. It was a disappoint when such a good named restaurant can go so bad. I ordered few dishes like sweet corn chicken soup, Egg Rice, Chilli Chicken and etc and frankly I didn't like any of those. The food tastes very bad with no flavors at all. I even tried there classic special Chicken & Veg momos. The only thing i got from it is a weird onion smell in my mouth. The chicken Soup was not done well, the smell was too weird. Basically my suggestion for the restaurant is to minimize the menu and maximize the quality and flavoring and my suggestion to foodies is that, please DON'T go to this restaurant, you will surely be disappointed.

199, 9th Main, 9th Cross,
HMT Layout, RT Nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560032
Phone: 080 64551666
Mobile: 9742248554


Saffola Masala Oats- Veggie Twist Review

I never taught I would review an healthy oats but yeah, I'm doing it just because Saffola Masala Oats is awesome. I never liked oats, it looks like baby food but Saffola Masala Oats something really different. One day in office, An amazing aroma pass through my nose over hitting my delicious, unhealthy and oily lunch. I just looked around and found baby food cooking in an Oven and I freaked out coz we don't have babies in office and the aroma was amazing. I asked around and found out that it was oats, come on I may be a foodie but this smell just made me healthy to have masala oats for lunch that day. Even to this day i bring oats and cook it in office and I really love it.

About the Company:

Saffola is a company which produces more of health products is a baby company of Marico. Marico company is a products and service company mostly related to health and beauty products. This company has lot of brands including the famous parachute, kaya products, medikar and others including Saffola which is basically concentrated on healthy food. Saffola was famous for its healthy oil and now a days its making more healthy food items like oats, salt and muesli. Nothing much to tell about this company.


Oats 73.6%

Dry Vegetables [Carrot (1.6%), Green Peas (1.1%) & French Beans (0.7%)]
Onion Powder
Desiccated Coconut Powder
Milk Solids
Spice & Condiments (1.38%)[Chilli, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Curry Leaves]
Tomato Powder
Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein
Yeast Extract
Anticaking Agent
Acidity Regulators (630)
Flavor Enhanced (631, 627)
Added Natural Colors (100)
Nature Identical Flavor Substance


Saffola Masala Oats Veggie Twist is one of the tasty oats you can find in the market. I think this is the only type of oats which i love and i can be healthy for the same. I know foodie like me talking about health is weird but trust me this oats can satisfy both your foodie side and the healthy side. As i have explained on the top first time i was flattered was its aroma. The flavoring was rich and its tastes good too. Medium spice, salt and little bit of vegetables makes a complete tasty meal package. You can buy this packet, add water and cook it on oven for like 3 minutes and Done. You don't have to take much tension at your office. Guys, try it and see it for yourself,this is one of the best oats i have ever eaten in my life.

Parle Monaco Biscuit Review

Parle Monaco is one of the crazy and a very different sweet and salt biscuit which has made a unique mark on the market. Parle Monaco or famously called as Monaco is a sweet and salt round cut designed biscuit which tasty anytime of the day. I basically love this biscuit because its different and unique from a regular biscuit. Not only that Monaco is famous for its topping recipes, Many people love to eat monaco with some crazy toppings which are tasty and can impress anyone. It is also cheap to buy and easy to prepare a unique monaco topping and the biscuit will surely fill the taste in any kind of a topping you make, even a bad topping.

Britannia Milk Bikis - Milky Sandwitch Biscuits Review

Britannia Milk Bikis is one of the oldest biscuits that i used to have when i was in school however time passed and Britannia came up with new twist and turns and made it more better biscuit than before. Frankly Britannia Milk Bikis has become a brand and they have three products with the same name like milk cream biscuits, almond cookies and plain milk biscuits. This review is all about Britannia Milk Bikis Milky Sandwitch Cream Biscuits which i used to love and after eating it today, i still love Milk Bikis because the taste has not changed and it is really delicious. 

About the Company:

Till today, Britannia has managed to get quality products to the market keeping in mind the health of the customers and nutritious value for once health. Britannia mainly focuses on selling there products to children therefore they make it nutritious, delicious and attractive. Britannia now owns quite a lot of brands which includes Cookies, Tiger, Good Day, Bourbon, 50-50, Maska Chaska, Marie Gold, Treat, Nutri Choice, Time Pass, Little Hearts, Cakes, Nice Time, Dialy Bread, Rusks and finally Milk Bikis. Britannia Industries Ltd is one of the leading biscuits brands in India with its per capita income going up every year. 

Biscuit Ingredients:

Wheat Floor (Refined)
Edible Vegetable Oil
Vegetable Fat
Milk Solids
Liquid Glucose
Raising Agent [503, 500(ii)]
Emulsifies [322, 471, 481(i)]
Common Salt
Calcium & Ferrous Salt
Potassium Iodate
Artificial Flavoring (Milk)


Britannia Milk Bikis Milky Sandwitch Cream Biscuits might be a long name to remember but after tasting this cream biscuits you will surely remember its name. Milk Bikis is a soft tasty and nutritious biscuits suitable for any age. I wont recommend this for older generation who doesn't have teeth to bite the extra ordinary milk flavored cream which rolls through the tongue. Milk Bikis is a good snack to your kids and an indirect way to feed milk. Keeping in mind the nutritious value of this product which includes sugar, i would recommend people on high diet to have less than 3 biscuits because it contains 33 grams of sugar content with 15 grams of saturated fatty acids, 5 grams of mono-saturated fatty acids and 1 gram of poly-saturated fatty acids with total of 494 Kilo Calories. Of course, this is not a digestive biscuits but come on diet fans, eat it. To all the foodies my suggestion is to try this yummy biscuit because truly i loved it and they didn't pay me to tell that.

Office Address:

Britannia Gardens,
Old Airport Road, 
Bangalore- 560017
Customer cell: 1800-425-4449 (Toll Free)

Sri Durga 99 Varieties Dosa

Street food is the best thing in Bangalore and to experience that,you should just leave things like hygiene and bad attitude. Of course i am not telling that street food are unhygienic but there are few people in this world who give excuse of hygiene when we offer them street food. I do accept that few places are close for comfort but i would really appreciate if you try "Sri Durga 99 Varieties Dosa". Sri Durga 99 Varieties Dosa is a new concept and in just few months "Sri Durga 99 Varieties Dosa" made headlines for its amazing dosas. As a foodie i should be fair in judging few thing and i did find few thing which were not really relating to what they preach but i did like the food they offer.

Points to Remember:

  1. Street food are street food, so don't really bother about hygiene things, i am sure you will not fall sick.
  2. Don't bother to ask and remember 99 varieties coz basically you cant remember and its just unusual mix of flavors that covers 99 in number.
  3. No place to sit, you have to dine standing


Sri Durga 99 Varieties Dosa, as the name suggests its serves only dosas and claimed to have 99 variety however i still have to yet discover all the types of dosas but as foodie i have tasted 20 different types of dosas which are on the main menu list. The dosas like paneer, american sweet corn and mashroom dosas were creative enough to taste and frankly i liked it. The other flavors where good enough but the only thing which i found is that the dosas were not really tasting like dosas. I mean which ever flavor i took, it was tasting like a typical dish but i wouldn't call it dosas because dosas taste was covered by these flavors and the crispiness was taking all the credits. Leaving the dosa argument asside i think everyone shuld really taste this and i will surely recomend these place and they didnt pay me to tell that. There are some people who have copied the same idea and have created different stores saying 99 Varieties Dosa, dont trust them. go to the original stuffs.

Located in almost all the best streets and areas in bangalore like 1st block rajajinagar, 100 ft road indranagar, koramangala and so on.

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