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Profile Of Jayanth Dev (Our Official Foodie)

"Trust your inner soul, it is perfect" This is my belief as I’m living on the same concept which surely psyches some people out coz of some ego problems. However I am not here to talk about people who are having mystic elevated egos but I’m here to talk about me. I really don’t have things to tell about me coz I’m crazy and people know about it. The main goal of my life is not to become the president of India because there is no creativity involved in signing documents passed out of screaming parliament however I wanted to become someone like that in a stock exchange market but I couldn’t as I’m not person who can sleep with numbers in mind. I was fascinated to know how people sleep with numbers in mind so I took up psychology and I got journalism and English as complimentary with no happy hours in college. The best part of my birth is my birth because I was born on a day where millions or billions celebrate something called as fool’s day but I was not a fool and only I know that fact. Coming to my career I’m standing on many boats as I do many things like
1. DJing- I developed interest in this when I was a kid, usually when I was sitting for dinner. Mom used to serve hot food little late so I use to spin the plate that evolved and I started to turn the hottest thing.
2.  Writing- I usually dream something scary, waking myself up scratching a pillow, however I was not too sure of what I was dreaming was scary, so I started to write my scary dreams on a paper which scared lot of people and that continued.
3. Photography- I don’t know how I picked it up but I just did it. Took a camera, started taking pictures and let me tell you, I was good at the first shot as I took something hairy and scary.
4. Coin Collection- I stole some old coins from my mom, looking at it I got inspired. So just started collecting, come on don’t expect me to tell something funny here coz I love coins.
5. Webmaster/ SEO/ Websites- I joined a website company and I just took some chances messing up the wives of the internet domains and I just learnt the art as it’s not a rocket science. I can’t talk shit here coz I’m not yet retired and I work in the same company even today.
I can even do music editing, video editing, documentary presentation, photo editing and etc which really have not showed up on my profile but I can do it.
The main thing what I have not talked about is food, coz food is not my hobby but food is my like my soul. I usually eat for a living and I live to eat and that was proved when I went for a date. She said “Kiss me” and I said “wait, I’m eating ice cream”, she was pissed however I didn’t waste my ice cream. So I’m like a big foodie, you give me choice between women and food, I select food coz food has taste and girl is a waste (in my life). I’m not a sexiest or a unisexo guy but I love food and my first love is my food. So I hooked up with some people to make something which can help all you foodies to explore what I have explored till now.
So I think that’s enough of me, now let’s talk food…..


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